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The Teachers College Inclusive Classrooms Project (TCICP) supports research, teaching, and service to create educational practices that support all students to grow and thrive in their classrooms. Our philosophy is grounded in the understanding that all students can participate in the general education curriculum when provided with appropriate supports and services. We believe that the single-format lesson does not support the full and diverse range of learners in any given classroom, and that teachers need to develop the skills and dispositions that address each and every learner.

This website is intended to provide one piece of support for teachers striving to make their classrooms and their practices more inclusive. It contains some explanations of practices that can support inclusivity in schools, suggestions for further reading in specific topics of interest, and most importantly, the work of New York City teachers who enacted certain practices in their classrooms. This is a website BY and FOR educators moving toward inclusive education.

The work of the Inclusive Classrooms Project is based on two assumptions: 

(1) Teachers are thinkers, ready and willing to question their practices, try new things, and build their own capacity to problem solve in their classrooms, and

(2) Professional and intellectual growth is best facilitated through long term, locally derived inquiry work. This website and the teacher inquiries included on it stand as a testament to these notions.