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Sarah Schlessinger, Ph.D., Lead Editor and Facilitator



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Cathlin Goulding, Graduate Assistant, TC Inclusive Classrooms Project


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Teacher Contributors

Ashley Abelson

Loriel Brown

Abe Cohen

Kimberly Chu

John Colin

Kelly Connolly 

Irvin Crusoe

Monika Cummings

Michele DeMeglio 

Mary Donovan

Michelle Eilets

Nicholas Felts 

Andrea Fonseca

Sandra Fredrickson

Xochitil Garcia

Cynthia Gillespe

Noelle Gerkhardt 

Stacey Harmon Warren

John Heneghan

Hilary Hodes

Samantha Katz

Mary Kaufmann

Laurian Kidd

Ana Lopez

Janice Manning

Marissa Martucci

Stephanie McGill

Kassandra Minor

Rita Morgan

Jenna Morvay

James O'Brien

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Emily Parr

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Sofia Russo

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Charlene Sinckler

Lincoln Smith

Mary Tomac

Chimay Toral

Dana Toth

Danielle Vega

Jessica Winder

Florence Yan

Sarah Zimmerman