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Thirty years of research tells us that inclusive practices increase access to the general curriculum and that this access leads to better post-education opportunities for students with disabilities. These practices can benefit all students, but enacting them is no walk in the park. Enacting inclusive practices through an inquiry approach allows for teachers to learn from others, share their ideas with their colleagues, learn from missteps as well as successes, and continue to grow their practices. The inquiries listed below are focused around various inclusive practices.

They were conducted by New York City teachers in their schools and classrooms. They shed light on the process of inquiry as well as the practices themselves. These inquiries can be thought of as a guide for how you might conduct your own inquiry. You may choose to use some of the same resources. You may choose to manipulate the resources provided by the contributing teachers (all PDFs and docs are downloadable via Google Docs). Where one approach did not work for them, it may succeed for you and vice versa.  

Explore the inquiries below and see how you can use them to drive and inform your own practice.  

Accessible Curriculum


Culturally Relevant Curriculum



Peer Support

Positive Behavior Support



Transition to New Service Models