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Assessing Assessments: Closing the Reading Gap

Who We Are and How Our Inquiry Began

Jhana is a General Education teacher, and Stacey is a Special Education teacher. We work at the same Elementary School in the Bronx, which services over 900 students who are mostly of Caribbean decent.

One day, our principal informed the both of us that we were going to be part of NYC DOE Phase I professional development opportunity to be held at Teachers College. We were assigned to an inquiry team on assessment.  Our first meeting was held in October 2010 at Teachers College, and included a mix of teachers, assistant principals, and principals, approximately 25 educators altogether. At this meeting, our leader Lin, had us think about assessments, and the type of assessments used in our school...

What This Inquiry Contains

  • Overview: Quick glance of what we did and our outcomes 
  • Education and the Law
  • Assessments & Forms
  • Components of an Effective Reading Program
  • Our Project
  • Results and Comments

Questions for Consideration

  • Have you ever been handed reading assessments to administer to your class that made no sense to you?
  • Have you ever administered reading assessments that you just put away and never look at again?
  • Have you ever administered reading assessments, and didn't know how to use them to drive instruction?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions, we hope that our work will help you make sense of those reading assessments.

Assessment without meaningful purpose is useless. In order to have meaningful instruction, you must have meaningful assessment, period!