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Building Cognitive Skills to Promote Self-Regulation

Where Do I Begin?

As a self-contained kindergarten teacher in the South Bronx, I found that my students presented with increasingly difficult behavior that did not respond to the traditional methods of classroom management. Noticing that these behaviors, I enlisted in a year-long Inquiry-to-Action team with TCICP that introduced me to the teachings of Dr. Ross Greene, a psychologist and author of books regarding behavioral issues found in children and adolescents.  
Self-regulation, in this inquiry is defined as the ability to control oneself and constructive behaviors that allow an individual to navigate the world around them. The philosophy of Dr. Greene allowed me to develop behavior intervention plans that were successful, manageable, and adaptive within my no-wall classroom. 
Take a look at Dr. Greene in action!  In this video below, he explains that the behaviors displayed by kids are because they do not have the necessary skill set to perform otherwise.