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Consistency is Key

How many adults would you like to have in your class? Wouldn’t most of us answer: The more the merrier? Well, in certain situations, the more the merrier can cause many problems! This was a problem that I faced this school year. In a tricky ICT classroom, there are multiple adults, more communication is necessary. When that communication isn't there, more problems can occur.
You may be thinking to yourselves, is she really complaining about having too many adults, too many hands? There are many teachers out there who would be begging for an extra set of hands and extra help. Well, as we all learned in graduate school, consistency is key, and consistency was compromised in many different ways in my classroom. When you have anywhere between 4-8 adults in the classroom, there are going to be varying opinions. As a second grade special education teacher at a great public school on the Upper East Side, with 6 years of ICT experience and a lot of love for my school, this was my dilemma this year. This year I had 23 students, eight with IEPs, as well as juggling the adults and student support services--and the need for consistent communication that comes along with all of these.
This is where my journey began...
I had to think  of an action plan and I had to think quick!