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Creating Inclusive Spaces

Our Online Journal: The Story of How We Worked on Creating Inclusive Spaces

Here is our story of how we worked on moving to create Inclusive Spaces within our classrooms. Throughout our journal, we tell the story of how we faced a problem and how we worked to make changes in our own classrooms. We include resources and tools that we created and used in order to create the most welcoming and effective classrooms for all of our students. As you read, we hope that our fellow teachers will find some of our tools useful in creating welcoming classrooms for all students, especially those students with IEPs, and in promoting communication throughout their schools. Any tools that you find useful, please feel free to adopt or adapt however you feel would best fit the needs of you and your students.

Our Goals:

  • Opening lines of communication
  • Disrupting the “norms” Creating Inclusive Spaces

This inquiry includes:

  • Our Story: A journey of two teachers going in the Inclusive Direction.
  • Online Journal: Highlights our experiences and how we faced obstacles in creating Inclusive Spaces within our classrooms.
  • Assessments: A collection of "tools" to support an Inclusive Community.



Mary Kaufmann & Julie Pagan are currently teaching at an Elementary school in the Bronx. Mary is a 5th grade teacher in an Integrated Co-Teaching Classroom. Julie is a 4th grade General Education teacher. Their involvement with the TCICP project has sparked an excitement for change within their classrooms while embracing the changes in education throughout New York City.