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Curriculum Connections

Two Teachers, 25 Kids, and a Classroom

My name is Marisa Martucci and I am a common branch teacher.  I have been teaching third grade with the New York City Department of Education for the past six years. I will be teaching fifth grade in the 2013-2014 school year. 

My name is Catina Sementini and I am a Special Education teacher with the New York City Department of Education. I have been teaching for almost three years and have had experience in both third and fifth grade. 
We began working with the TCICP inquiry-to-action team in September 2012. As co-teachers we conducted our research throughout the school year both in and out of our classroom.
Our school is located in East New York, Brooklyn and serves approximately 898 students. This year, we worked with a class of 25 students in an ICT setting. There were 12 students who had IEPs and the other 13 were general education students. The majority of our students with IEP’s were classified as learning disabled. Many of our students had significant delays in literacy which carried over into other curriculum areas. This was the factor that drove our research.