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Dancing to the Perfect Tune: Reflections

As a TCICP participant, I must confess that conducting an inquiry is a not straightforward process. You will have "aha" moments which then may disappear. Networking with our facilitator and fellow NYC educators, we were able to recognize how powerful mindset theory is. It may be a buzz word now, but similar workds--such as "work ethic," "driven," and "against all odds"--all communicate a similar message. The inquiry process allowed me to not just research, but to act on my questions. Trusting the process was not easy; however, after hitting the halfway mark of the inquiry cycle, it all came together for me.
As an educator, I have learned to shift my own mindset. Sometimes, this dictates how we treat each student and translates into how we teach them. If they’re not the honors group, do we not offer enough challenges? Do we modify assessment to reflect meaningless outcomes? Do we allow ourselves to step back, reflect, and give our students meaningful student-centered learning? As a teacher I was afraid to allow my struggling students become independent learners, but they embraced that challenge.