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Data, Data, Data

Who doesn’t want to be a highly effective teacher? What principal does not want to see data? How amazing does it feel to have data linked to a child’s Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)? In order to understand what kinds of tools and interventions were going to be the most helpful for Pete, I decided it was important to regularly track the behaviors that I thought were the most problematic. I created a google form.
In order to make this an attainable task for the paraprofessionals, I made sure the form didn’t take too long to fill out and that the questions made sense. I had TCICP colleagues test it out. Susan, a paraprofessional, took it upon herself to create a handwritten sheet where she tallied the amount of occurrences, and let google took care of the data. This task became too cumbersome to be a daily task, so the sheet (as shown below) was used during choice time on Friday and she was able to input the necessary data.
And it let us know this!: 
According to this data, it was very easy to see that Pete’s behaviors were not nearly as bad as we thought.  More specifically, for overall positive behaviors, 94.8% of the time they were. This was very nice to see in a graph form in order to see that (although some of the behaviors that Pete displayed felt like a lifetime), data proved this incorrect!  
Another interesting point that the data proved was the amount of breaks Pete needed. Many times teachers or other professionals indicate that a child need a "break" and a break will help the child to re-focus or re-direct, as I thought many times as well! However, the data indicates, Pete only needed more than one break 13% of the time in the morning, which speaks measures. The data also indicated that Pete never required more than 2 breaks in the morning. This data was amazing to see, it was rewarding, because it allowed us a teachers to realize that he was part of our group most of the time! AND of course, most importantly, it was data, which all teachers and principals always ask for!