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Developing Empathy

At this point, we were approaching the end of the year. It was spring and through my case study I had developed a much deeper understanding of Carlos and his needs as a person. His needs moved beyond the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic. My co-teacher and I had many discussions about how to support Carlos in his growth as a human being who is kind, honest, and contributes to his community. With some of these big ideas in mind, we wanted to support an understanding that his actions directly affect his community, family, and himself.  

We created a template to fill out daily with Carlos to highlight who and how is actions affect him and others. We started with actions that were positive such as helping others around him or being honest with others. This template was something I ended up using with other students and with my class as a whole and turned out to be a great tool in helping students gain an understanding of the impact of one’s actions.