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Second Try to Solve The Dilemma

After feeling guilty about the amount of screen time Jonathon was receiving at school, I went back to the drawing board. I had all of the proper data and was aware of the contributing factors; however, I could not pinpoint the proper strategy to ensure Jonathon was mastering new content. During my inquiry-to-action team session, I brainstormed the various data, prior work, contributing factors, and questions I had about this dilemma:

I met with my schools Student Based Support Team (SBST) to discuss Jonathon's most recent evaluations and the paraprofessional predicament. The SBST came to the conclusion in October that Jonathon should be given a Hebrew-speaking paraprofessional, yet it was already December and no paraprofessional had been assigned yet. I was certain that once Jonathon got a Hebrew-speaking paraprofessional all of my problems would be solved. After several weeks of waiting and several meetings with the SBST and my principal, Ms. Rachel showed up at my door. Ms. Rachel was extremely helpful and efficient. However, let's just say all my problems were not solved.

Ms. Rachel, myself and Jonathon had a wonderful working relationship and things were looking bright. I was confident that we were making steps in the right direction. Despite Ms. Rachel's presence, I felt there was a missing factor to solving this dilemma. I went back to the drawing board to brainstorm more ideas of how to provide Jonathon with access to the 4th grade curriculum. Read on to hear what I discovered.