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Third Try is the Charm

While Jonathon was slowly picking up on English, beginning to master new concepts, and growing as a reader, I knew I needed to find a way to connect my classroom to his home in order to ensure a positive school-home relationship and deeper development of school based knowledge.  I also wanted to create an avenue for accessing grade level curriculum from any internet connection. The learning programs on the computer and his Hebrew speaking paraprofessional were simply not enough.

I decided to create a shared Google Drive folder for Jonathon and his family. I would upload pictures of anchor charts (charts made by the teacher to reinforce skills and strategies taught in class), exemplar pieces of work as well as Edu-Creation tutorials of taught concepts. Edu-creations is a tablet app that allows users to upload images and create "dynamic" video tutorials with voiceovers and on-screen writing. My hope was for parents as well as students to be able to refer back to the shared google folder and instantly have access to helpful resources. Also, this allowed for the possibility for material and new concepts to be constantly reinforced at home.

Below you will see picture of the Google Drive I created. This Image shows what students and parents would see when they opened up the shared google Drive (I organized it by subject: 

Inside each subject folder students and parents would find the shared resources, like the following classroom posters:

Not only did I share this folder with Jonathon's family, I opted to upload pretty much everything and eventually shared it with my entire classroom. Parents, tutors, and, most importantly, students reaped the benefits! Many families opted to print out the charts and resources and create a personal resource binder for at home use that matched the classroom environment. Jonathon, along with other students,was flourishing! Although he is still behind grade level, the growth and progress he made once I was able to provide him with the opportunity to access the curriculum at home was unbelievable.

Below you will see the results: