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First Grade Podcasts


During the 2012-2013 school year, I was fortunate enough to be selected by my school to attend the Teachers College Inclusive Classrooms Project professional development. We met once a month with our inquiry team. At first, I thought the instructor would provide handouts and show me how to integrate technology into my classroom. Instead, I was told to observe my students and identify the problems I was seeing in my classroom.  
When I returned to my classroom, I watched them intently from a different lens. I realized that one of my students was having difficulty writing the words and he couldn’t read his own handwriting. Some of my students were too shy and they never shared their writing with the class. I was struck with the following question: ”How can I incorporate technology to help these students to participate and share their thoughts in the Writing Workshop?”
Meanwhile, I was exposed to different technology tools for classroom use. We formed a community in Google+ where we shared and collaborated with our ideas. At the Launch Website Party, I was inspired by the teachers who presented their inquiry projects on how they solved the problems in their classrooms in innovative ways. They attempted to use different techniques and strategies to achieve their goals.