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The Questions

In order to recreate the experiment, I solicited possible questions from my school community, including teachers, guidance counselors and assistant principals, by asking them to anonymously answer the following question:
If you could come up with a question or questions that would lead to a greater understanding between co-teachers, what would it be? 
The following 14 questions were the ones myself and my colleagues felt went most directly to the heart of getting to know someone as a teacher:

14 Questions to Get to Know why Your Co-Teacher Does What S/He Does

1. What is your first realization of wanting to become a teacher?
2. Describe a moment where you felt like a great teacher. 
3. Talk about a moment in your own education that influenced your own teaching.
4. If you could teach any class to any grade, what would it be?
5. Would you rather have to teach a class with no textbooks or with a set curriculum? 
6. How do you best deal with confrontation?
7. What is worse: a student who does all homework but does not participate in the class or a student who participates in class but does no homework?
8. What do you think grades represent? 
9. What was your own education like? What would you replicate or avoid in your instruction based on your experiences?
10. You are faced with a task about which you do not feel confident. Would you rather work on the task on your own or in a group, knowing that either way you might fall short of your desired result? 
11. What was the moment you felt like you were most likely to quit teaching? 
12. Logical or Illogical- what is one thing that really bugs you in the classroom? Why do you think it bugs you so much?
13. Talk about a favorite student. 
14. Take 2 minutes to describe what perfect co-teaching looks like to you. Think about elements such as planning, delivering lessons and grading.