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HOMEwork Help

The home visit was an amazing experience, which helped my co-teacher and I gain a deeper understanding of Carlos and his home life. Probably one of the most enlightening things that we learned about Carlos was his strengths and abilities as a DJ. He demonstrated how he manipulates multiple computer programs to create music. His creativity and strengths were highlighted during his home visit. While my intentions were to help support his mother with independence with life skills during this home visit, we ended up creating a contract between Charles and his mother to help him develop independence when completing his homework.  While homework wasn’t the main goal of the home visit, this is where his mother wanted to start with his independence.  

For the majority of the students in our class, my co-teacher and I create a weekly packet for homework.  We check to make sure they complete the homework every day, and, during the weekend, we grade their entire packet from the week and return it to the students and families with comments. During one phone conversation with Carlos’ mother about his progress with homework since the home visit, she expressed concern about the weekly packet being overwhelming for him and he wasn’t able to hold his focus throughout the entire week. She suggested adapting his homework to be just for one night instead of for the whole week. I thought this was a great idea and created a daily Homework Sheet for Charles. 
Through collaborating with his mother we came up with a solution that enabled Carlos to have some small success with his homework where he could get was able to achieve success with his independence.  This also created more opportunities for success because if he didn’t do his homework for one night, the next day he was able to start fresh.  
Through this experience, my co-teacher and I gained a more holistic understanding of Charles. 
The home visit was just the beginning of understanding Charles and the complexities that he brings to the classroom. During the home visit, his mother mentioned his psychiatrist a number of times.  While his mother wanted to continue working on his life skills at home, she was also becoming more concerned about his socialization with his peers and felt that talking to his psychiatrist may help us gain a better understanding about how to help him at school. 
IDEA →  Support Charles with his independence at home → Independence Survey