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Moving to a New Beat: Next Steps

Here are some of my reflections on using mindset within our Early College Initiative program: 
  • After seeing how informative the mindset assessment interviews were, we plan to use this as a tool to get more insight on the next set of juniors and struggling students from other classes. This will be done at the beginning of the school year. 

  • The college project will also be assigned during the winter break for all classes. It was surprising to learn that students were unaware of college entry requirements and alternatives.

  • I will collaborate with the trained SAT test prep teacher and create a more suitable action plan in providing support for our junior students. in the near future, I plan to receive training myself so that I can be more resourceful.

  • Parental involvement is so integral to this process. As an institution we will revisit our parent-engagement plan so that we can create more opportunities to communicate with parents of struggling students.

  • As a department, we will host parent workshops on technology for math students and test-prep skills. It would also be remiss of us not to include a workshop on Mindset Theory! 
  • I plan to follow-up with my juniors to support them in changing their mindset.