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Family Interview

Approach One: Initial Family Interviews

The Parent Interview was an approach that was initially developed by two of my colleagues. When I co-taught with one of them, we continued to implement this in our classroom. However, this year it was not possible for me to conduct interviews due to scheduling issues.  
However, when it was implemented in past years it was done within the first two weeks of the school year. This allowed for the parent and teacher to meet on a less formal level and have a brief conversation, which was guided by an interview format. During the first two weeks of school, we scheduled each parent after school for a total of 15 minutes and, while it was time consuming especially during the beginning of the school year when there is so much to get done, it provided both the teacher and parent with a bridge with which we would continue to communicate for the remainder of the year.  It also provided us with important information about their child.   
The downfall to this approach was that it was, again, time consuming and needed to be organized/scheduled correctly.The other downfall, was that not every parent would come but the majority would perhaps simply because it was the beginning of the school year.