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Focus Groups

Approach Four: Focus Group

After my participation in the Family Connections Inquiry-to-Action group, I brainstormed different ideas and felt like I had gone around in circles about what I wanted to attempt as my inquiry project.  I started off my process by thinking about events that I always wanted to try in classroom. Then, I thought about what would be feasible for me to do with the limited amount of time I had.  I settled on implementing a focus group.  
The idea behind it was that I wanted to highlight six families from my classroom; this included two who had been absent from every event we had this year. I drafted an informal invitation and handed them out to the selected parents. My hope was that they would want to participate since it was a smaller event with less people.
The outcome was 3 out of the 6 families invited came and the two who I had originally wanted to participate did not. When thinking about this focus group I did not want it to be another event where I was going to be providing information. I wanted to be the facilitator in a conversation about how teachers can show support for parents who are unable to become involved in their child’s school. My intentions for selecting a small number of families were that I wanted to provide a space where they could think about opening up and sharing their thoughts and ideas.