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Home Visits

Approach Two: Home Visit

My previous co-teacher and I took this approach one year where a student’s parent had a notorious reputation for never coming to school. The mom had been reached out to on countless occasions and never showed up. In an attempt to make it easier for this particular parent, we decided that we would visit the home and, in this case, have a parent/teacher conference in the child’s home. Making this happen was as easy as calling the parent, setting up an appointment, and just showing up at the child’s home. Because of this was a last resort, my co-teacher and I did not seek out the support of other staff, like the guidance counselor or social worker. However, this would be a next step in my future home visits.  
As this child’s teachers, we felt that we were going above and beyond our call of duty, but that it was a necessary move. We finally put a face to the name of the student’s mom after her son had already been in school for two years. While it was a difficult move, we felt it was the only solution. During the home visit, my co-teacher and I sat on the couch while the children were playing computer games and the mom was cooking dinner.  We discussed her son’s academic progress, our concerns, and urged her to reach out to us. Overall, this meeting was productive for us.  We felt that we had accomplished something very important and that for this child, it showed his teachers really cared.