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PBIS Positive Behavior Intervention Supports


I joined an Inquiry to Action Team with Teachers College Inclusive Classrooms Project. The focus of my  group was Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS).

What is this inquiry?

This page is a toolkit, designed to give you information and resources that may be helpful in managing difficult student behavior and supporting positive behavior. You will find the following on this web page:
  • A snapshot of my 10 month journey through an inquiry team at Teachers College
  • A definition of PBIS
  • Examples of behaviors displayed by a student who struggled with self-regulation
  • Tools and examples of how to assess student behavior
  • Examples of PBIS break systems used to support students who struggle with self-regulation
  • A simple PBIS system
  • A hands-on visual PBIS tool
  • A PBIS system focused on 3 specific triggers of behavior
  • A description of a school-wide PBIS system to address behavior in the school cafeteria
  • PBIS Resources