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Post Co-Teaching: Solving Problems

After developing a relationship and understanding one another on a more human level, my co-teacher and I decided we needed a good way to plan in the short amount of time allotted to us. We decided that it would suit both of our styles to focus on solving problems we both noticed within the classroom with specific interventions. Using the following protocol, we developed many interventions for the whole class, as well as interventions for specific groups of students. 

Engage in a big picture reflection

How is the week going? What did we cover this week? What might we have to re-teach? Who seems to be “getting it”? Who is struggling? This is when we talk about seating arrangements, homework completion, grading, and other pertinent “big picture” items.

Focus on a class issue 

Is there one problem that we can identify in the entire class? How does this problem present itself in struggling students? Can we identify “leaders” who have a better command of this skill/concept? 

Brainstorm interventions 

This is where it gets fun. How could this skill/concept be broken down into smaller parts? 

Discuss implementation

Is this a one-time intervention or a continuous one? Will it be put into place with all students, or only some? Keep in mind that some students will use the strategy and then internalize it after a few weeks, while others will need more time and more feedback. It is okay to drop the strategy for some students and keep it in place for others. This is scaffolding! Identify when we expect all students to have internalized this strategy. 

Delegate tasks

Who does what? Who will write the lesson? Who will make the copies? Who will teach which part? By when will these things be completed?