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Out of My Mind 

As a central text for our unit of study on inclusion, we chose the book Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper because the main character, Melody, is a 5th grade girl with cerebral palsy. The book explores her relationship with students and teachers as she is mainstreamed into inclusion classrooms and their reactions to her. 
Below is a review written by a 4th grader*:
What it’s about: A girl named Melody who has cerebral palsy and is incredibly smart. I think she’s twelve. The thing is, she can’t speak because of the cerebral palsy, and so people misjudge her. A lot. She has one friend, beside her aide, named Rose. Rose believes in her and one day, Melody gets a special computer that allows her to finally communicate. When she types in a word, the computer says it out loud, so it’s like she can talk. This helps her prove that she may be different, but she’s not stupid. This book is enough to make people cry.
•Melody’s school has a team of these super smart kids who go to compete against other schools in a trivia game that is on TV. Melody is on this team. One time, the team had to go to Washington to compete and Melody was a little bit late and they left her behind. One student thought that she wasn’t as important as the others. This made her realize again that, no matter what, people would always think of her as different.
*Review sourced from this website