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What Worked? What Didn’t?

After completing and reflecting upon my inquiry project, it is clear to me that there was not one specific easy fix to the dilemma I was facing in my classroom. However, through my inquiry project I was able to pinpoint specific practices that were more beneficial than others and ultimately make a difference in all of my students lives.
Although Jonathon may not be reading and writing on grade level, I truly believe that my inquiry project was successful for many reasons. Firstly, Jonathon’s overall academic ability did improve. His reading level and functioning math level began to increase as soon as I shared the Google Drive folders with him and his family. Secondly, this project that began with one student in mind affected every child in my class. Because of the success the Google Drive had with Jonathon and the rest of class 4-503,  I plan to continue using this form of digital resources with students and families for many years to come!