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Reflection and Next Steps

The inquiry process throughout this past year was extremely valuable. The TCICP monthly Inquiry-to-Action team meetings helped me take a step back and return to considering my overarching teaching philosophy and goals for myself and my students. Often I get caught up in day-to-day stresses and sometimes lose sight of what I truly want to accomplish in the long term and what I want my students to have space to experience and create. Exploring this inquiry, particularly with the support of driven and passionate colleagues, helped me return to the reasons why I entered education and pushed me to grow as an educator. Also, focusing on incorporating multimodal literacies on a daily basis offered me a concrete way to create a stronger teaching practice and more accessible classroom. Having a concrete focus helped me approach the process and feel more confident about my ability to effectively improve my instruction rather than feel overwhelmed. This focus provided me with a new framework from which to approach my curriculum and rewrite it for next year.
From the beginning of the year, I plan to daily build the multimodal literacies into my lessons, adapting my plans as I get to know my students. I aim to continue my inquiry process focusing on student engagement and authentic communication using the successes and challenges from this year as a starting point. Overall, I saw a definite increase in student engagement evidenced in class participation and feedback I gathered from an end of year survey. Retention improved in some ways; however, I need to find additional ways to build-in study skills within multimodal literacy. Students can then fully grasp the content while confidently communicating in a variety of situations and modes.