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Reflections and Suggestions

Implications for My Practice

In trying to bring this focus group about in my classroom, I came to new understandings about my own practice as a teacher:
  1. I was willing to go that extra mile in order to fully collaborate with the families in my classroom.
  2. My primary goal was to have my classroom be viewed as an emotionally supportive and safe environment for both my students and their families.
  3. It is acceptable to see the smallest step as the most important in trying to bring about change.
In order to successfully make this inquiry happen in my classroom, the greatest component was collaboration--not only among my co-teacher and I, but also among the parents. There are many individuals involved in a child’s life; in order to successfully navigate it in the direction that leads to best opportunities for that child requires a lot planning, organizing, acceptance, learning and conversation. The most important aspect is the collaboration between home and school. In today’s society, education is not simply learning content and passing exams. Students and families need much more support. We live in a society that is fast paced and when thinking about students who have low socioeconomic status, we must ask ourselves how the school can support their growth towards becoming a functional community member.
Every teacher’s practice evolves with time. We learn new strategies and always try new ways to reach our students. The same can be said about collaborating with families.  For my own practice, I will continue to implement new ways to build a bridge between home and school.