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Student Reflections

I had the class participate in a fishbowl to reflect on their progress during this inquiry project. During a fishbowl activity, one group of students sits in the middle of the room and participates in a discussion while the remainder of the class sits in a circle around this group of students and observes and takes notes.  I chose an SLC to sit in the middle of the fishbowl circle and the other members of the class tracked the SLC member in their section (A versus B) that has their same group role.  The tracking sheet looked like this:
Additionally, during each SLC discussion (usually two per day), the recorder took notes on what was said during the discussion using the SLC recorder sheet. They wrote the discussion question or topic on top of the sheet and took notes on the contributions of each member. Here’s the SLC Recording sheet:
I recorded the SLC fishbowl discussion, but I learned quickly that recording the SLC in action was not an effective way of listening to student conversations. The A and B groups were both speaking at the same time, so the video was difficult to follow and understand. However, a few students recorded their responses to the SLC’s discussion:
Raphael, an SLC Group Leader’s Discussion Reflection
Akeil, an SLC Group Leader’s Observation Reflection
Yamelis and Damia, an SLC Task Keeper and Connector Reflections