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Students Create Summative Projects

Now that students were comfortable teaching the class and making assessment activities, I provided an opportunity for students to showcase their new skills and demonstrate their mastery of the course content.  
In pairs, students selected two topics that we already covered in class and created a written assessment activity for each. After creating the handouts with my guidance during two class periods, each student assigned his/her project to another student to complete. Once done, the student who created the project graded their classmate’s work. I then allocated an overall project grade, based on a rubric, which evaluated the quality and organization of the students’ handouts as well as the accuracy of their answers when completing a classmate’s activities. Students shined on all aspects of this project. They were eager to create, complete, and grade handouts.
Below you will find the direction sheet that outlined the project requirements.
Here are the two assessment activities that Marisol created when working with her partner, Mason.
This is the rubric that I created to grade the students’ projects. Get your own copy here!