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Students Design Daily Assessment Activities

At the completion of the Students Teach the Class project, I realized my students enjoyed playing a major role in designing instruction. The opportunity to show their mastery of a topic and teach their peers provided a sense of confidence and empowerment for students with special needs who often lack both.  
I wanted to replicate the success of the Students Teach the Class project but on a smaller scale that required less preparation and could be incorporated into daily lessons. Since I always teach workshop-model lessons, I began writing mini-lessons and leaving the room for students to create the subsequent assessment activity that would test their knowledge about what they had just learned. This provided two opportunities for me to assess their understanding of the day’s topic: the quality of what they created and their answers on other students’ activities. Depending on the activity being created, students worked independently, in pairs, or in groups. Sometimes students created activities from scratch and other times I provided them with a template to create a handout.
Below is a template that was filled in by a pair of students. Another pair of students was then asked to answer the questions.
Here is a handout that a group of students called the “Pink Panthers” created from scratch. The questions were then answered by Manuel, Jason, Eduardo, and Issac*.
Once students were comfortable creating their own assessment activities, some chose to do so independently. This is a handout created by Rodney.
*Names have been changed.