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Travel Unit: What Worked, What Didn’t

What Worked:

  • Having students develop the travel guide around the areas that they already had expert knowledge about allowed them to focus on communicating their ideas in the target language. It also increased ownership of their work as they were eager to share their real life experiences.

  • Students struggled to have conversations about their travel guides in Spanish but were invested enough in the content and their work to communicate in the target language despite some frustration. 

  • Adding the extended writing component of the email held students accountable to use more vocabulary and verb structures instead of just a few words in the hashtags.

What Didn’t:

  • There were significant errors that interfered with comprehension in the travel guides, role plays, and emails that indicate a need to rethink the scaffolding and activities leading up to the project. 

  • I am still working out logistics for the role plays and thinking of possibly actually using Instagram in a way that holds students accountable in a school-appropriate way and also does not exclude students who do not have access to the technology.