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Vocabulary Sorts

Vocabulary sorts helped my students practice key math vocabulary. They can be done in groups and are beneficial if done daily. For my inquiry, students worked on sorting vocabulary that was based on the four mathematical operations. Students can do sorts at a station independently or with a paraprofessional.
Students are given index cards that each include one of the following: a vocabulary word, a definitionexample(s), or a symbol (+,-,x,÷). They had to “sort” the cards into groups/categories. Students can work in a group and discuss their decisions with others (e.g., “This card is multiplication because…”, “I agree/disagree because…”). 
These conversations allow students to take their learning a step further by explaining their reasoning and listening to others. If students struggle to have these conversations, it is helpful to model and practice as well as provide conversation cards that include key phrases as a starting point.