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What I Learned

What did I learn? What are some questions that still remain? What did this year long study prove to me as the special education teacher?
I'm still thinking about the role of other adults in the classrooms, such as:
  • Paraprofessionals have supported Pete in his learning, but how can we help Pete work towards independence?
  • What is the paraprofessional's role inside of the classroom? 
  • What are some next steps for Pete?
  • How can I continue to work on the management and collaboration of adults in the classroom? 
In terms of my learning, first off, I definitely realized less is more! Pete was much more successful when there were fewer tools and interventions integrated into his daily life than when he was provided with many different interventions.  
Most importantly, data indicated Pete was not nearly as “bad” as we perceived him to be. It is very hard to take yourself out of a situation and look at data and analyze what is really going on. Look at data, that speaks measures, and realize that those one or two outbursts--which may have felt like hours--are so minor in comparison to all the good work that has been produced by Pete. The next steps for Pete are for him to form a bond with his teachers and paraprofessionals; bonding will enable more efficient behavior supports and help to support him with his many academic needs! He is willing and able to learn, he just needs direct instruction with individualized care and attention!