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What Worked?: Looking at Data

Read and Write for Google offers many different features. I wanted to have a deep understanding of the features Annabelle used as well as how she felt while using this powerful extension. 
I created a Google Form that Annabelle used each time she went to work on Google Read and Write.  I made sure to keep the questions to a minimum to ensure that Annabelle was not wasting much of her in-class work time. Below you will see a copy of the Google Form that Annabelle used:
After several days I analyzed the data that I was able to collect from the Google Form. 
It is clear from the data, and from looking at all of Annabelle's student work, she used the feature of predictive text the most and employed the extension most during writing. Also, based on the data, it is clear that Annabelle found this support to be very helpful.