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Working Together: The Politics of Collaboration





The Future



This project contains my observations of collaboration within Collaborative Team Teaching (CTT) classes and the wider school  community. It is the product of an investigation on behalf of the Teachers College Inclusive Classroom Project (TCICP) and my own experiences as a Special Education teacher in NYC. It contains a range of tools to make teaching together easier and promote professional support within an inclusive classroom.
You will find a workshop designed to help promote an effective CTT partnership, and a lesson plan that proved successful in promoting student peer support within an 8th grade class. You will also find book recommendations, an overview of profesional support within a school community, and ideas of how to overcome the objections of students,(and their parents), who are resistant to working collaboratively.

Conference Presentation

An overview of my research project and summary of my findings. First presented on June, 6 2011. 

Part 1: Perspectives


Part 2: My Appreciative Inquiry




The research project was carried out by a Middle School Special Education Teacher, James O'Brien. The subject was a new middle school in the Bronx, New York. The findings and the developments are also accessible here, along with additional resources.



I have tried to respond to all the questions raised in the feedback given at the end of the presentation on June 9th 2011.

Q & A Responses