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The Write Direction

By Loriel Brown

Hopelessness is the word that comes to mind, while looking at the frustration on my students’ faces as they struggle with the daunting task of writing a formal essay. Many of my students are not meeting basic writing standards and I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO HELP THEM. In my mind there’s a writing crisis that needs to be addressed in the South Bronx, and probably nationwide.  
What can I do? I am well aware of the fact that these students are not ready for the expectations that colleges have set. It is our job as teachers to prepare them for a competitive world where reading and writing are essential elements to their success in life. As teachers, especially special educators, we must realize that there are multiple roads that our students can take in order to complete a task. For many teachers like myself, “How to help them?” is a big question. 
What road do I take to help my students write?
Follow me, during my first year as a Special Education English Teacher, as I experiment with writing interventions with two struggling writers, with hopes to improve their writing and also design ways to include effective interventions into my curriculum for next year.