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Engaging Troubling Students by Scot Danforth & Terry Jo Smith

Book Blurb: Engaging Troubling Students offers instructional and student support practices grounded in critical constructivism--engaging problematic students in the learning process and building strong relationships with them. These interactions and relationships can have a profound impact on their emotional well-being and learning. Danforth and Smith draw from many academic fields to build this comprehensive resource: History and roots of current issues and dilemmas Theoretical foundation of critical constructivism Teaching practices designed to foster the teacher-student relationship Specific programs addressing conflict, families, inclusive education, and more

Recommended for:
Any and all educators working with emotionally and behaviorally troubled students.
Questions and themes to consider as you read:
  • What can you learn about your students and their “behavior” by building relationships with them?
  • What does it take on the part of the educator and the adult to create an honest and mutually respectful relationship with a student, especially one who may come from experiences of marginalization?
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