Inquiry-to-Action Teams

The Teachers College Inclusive Classrooms Project supports New York City educators and leaders to design flexible services for all students. During the school year, TCICP convenes year-long Inquiry-to-Action Teams that meet once per month at Teachers College from 9:00am-2:30pm. The goals of this program are to support educators to organize curriculum and instruction to maximize the participation and learning of all students in the classroom. Moreover, this kind of program cultivates the kinds of skills necessary for teacher leaders.

The yearlong collaborative inquiry process begins with TCICP inquiry-to-action team facilitators providing direct instruction regarding specific practices central to the inquiry-to-action team focus. At the same time, the inquiry-to-action team participants will begin to inventory and study the specific practices in their local sites (this may be an individual student level, a whole class level, or even a whole school level).

Throughout the year-long cycle, teachers share and analyze their individual data and begin to draw connections and implications for practice across contexts. Teachers will carefully collect and study student engagement and learning through data analysis and then will collaboratively make connections and share implications for their work.


Current Teams:

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