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Research Assistant
Research Assistant

Dahlia Hamza is a research assistant with the Teachers College Inclusive Classrooms Project and a doctoral student at Teachers College in the department of Curriculum and Teaching. She is interested in studying classrooms that are engaged with the local community. Dahlia previously taught elementary school for over a decade in New York City, Los Angeles and most recently in Arlington, VA. Dahlia received her M.A. in Elementary Education from Teachers College and her B.A. in Legal Studies from the University of California, Berkeley.

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Paraprofessionals: From Great Helpers to Intellectual Leaders


Many Different Hands of All Shades

Committed to fostering systemic change through professional development in New York City public schools, TCICP brings educators together to share inclusive practices and allow schools to collaborate and learn from each other. This occurs in Inquiry-to-Action Teams and workshops as teachers from different schools work together to delve into inclusive practices and curriculum design. TCICP…
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