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Here we feature a series of curriculum units designed during teachers’ participation in year-long TCICP Inclusive Instructional Design Teams. Educators joined colleagues from across New York City and a TCICP Staff Developer once per month in collaborative inquiry around designing, implementing, studying, and publishing units of study that are standards-based and structured around the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). See some participants’ units of study, which include: student case profiles, student work samples, teacher lesson and unit plans, instructional materials, resource and reference lists, and reflections by teachers.

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Latest Resources:

Cluster of Colorful Rocks and Minerals

Creating Infographics of Rocks and Minerals

Brent Lawrence is a tenth grade Earth Science teacher who teaches in Brooklyn.  Here, he describes the process of creating a more accessible curriculum for his students through the use of Universal Design for Learning. Specifically, he shows how the use of infographics and technology created more opportunities for engagement and expression when his students...
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Children working together to solve a problem

Bringing Ecology To the Classroom through Movement and Gaming

Tricia Berry is a high school teacher at Forest Hills High School in Queens, NY. She co-teaches Living Environment, Chemistry, and Algebra. She sometimes finds it difficult to implement inclusion or create an inclusive curriculum for the general education classroom, especially in classes where the students have to prepare to take a Regents exam at the end of the school year....
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