Bears Bears Everywhere! by Lesley Koplow

Book Cover - Bears Bears Everywhere! by Lesley Koplow

Lesley Koplow explains why introducing bears in the classroom can be healing for students and support their social and emotional development. She cites very convincing research in the context of attachment theory to scientifically support the use of teddy bears in the classroom. She gives guidelines about how to introduce bears to children in different grades (PreK to 5th), based on examples from real classrooms. There is also a chapter on how to use bears to engage children in meaningful literacy activities.

Recommended for:
Teachers who are interested in using Teddy Bears in their classrooms. This book is truly inspiring as it shows teachers the amazingly powerful and healing role they can play in the lives of children.

Questions and themes to consider as you read:

  • What will be the best way to introduce bears to your children?
  • What are the issues that your particular group of children has that could be addressed introducing bears in your classroom?
  • How can you keep the bears “alive” throughout a busy school year?