Multimodality Literacy by Carey Jewitt & Gunther Kress

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Book Cover - Multimodality Literacy by Carey Jewitt & Gunther Kress

Multimodal Literacy challenges dominant ideas around language, learning, and representation. Using a rich variety of examples, it shows the range of representational and communicational modes involved in learning through image, animated movement, writing, speech, gesture, or gaze. The effect of these modes on learning is explored in different sites including formal learning across the curriculum in primary, secondary, and higher education classrooms, as well as learning in the home. The notion of literacy and learning as a primary linguistic accomplishment is questioned in favor of the multimodal character of learning and literacy. By illustrating how a range of modes contributes to the shaping of knowledge and what it means to be a learner, provides a multimodal framework and conceptual tools for a fundamental rethinking of literacy and learning [Publisher’s Comment].