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Our Library Library is where we focus on essential reading and media to dig into inclusive education. Here you’ll get a deeper sense of the philosophies, case studies, and research that underlies our work as critically inclusive educators. We’ve used these books with our teachers and school leaders. Time and time again, these authors have enriched our thinking and practice. We also give some of the key web resources for designing accessible, culturally responsive curriculum and understanding your students’ behaviors and ways of being. We hope you’ll find them as helpful as we have!

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Latest Resources:

Book Cover - Index for Inclusion by Tony Booth & Mel Ainscow

Index for Inclusion by Tony Booth & Mel Ainscow

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The Index for Inclusion is a practical resource for school self-evaluation and improvement. Inclusion in the Index is a principled approach to developing education, it focuses on cultures, policies, and practices that affect everyone: children and adults, schools, families, and communities.  This third edition, substantially revised and expanded, adopts a values-based approach which draws together...
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Book Cover - Multimodality Literacy by Carey Jewitt & Gunther Kress

Multimodality Literacy by Carey Jewitt & Gunther Kress

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Multimodal Literacy challenges dominant ideas around language, learning, and representation. Using a rich variety of examples, it shows the range of representational and communicational modes involved in learning through image, animated movement, writing, speech, gesture, or gaze. The effect of these modes on learning is explored in different sites including formal learning across the curriculum...
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