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Our Library Library is where we focus on essential reading and media to dig into inclusive education. Here you’ll get a deeper sense of the philosophies, case studies, and research that underlies our work as critically inclusive educators. We’ve used these books with our teachers and school leaders. Time and time again, these authors have enriched our thinking and practice. We also give some of the key web resources for designing accessible, culturally responsive curriculum and understanding your students’ behaviors and ways of being. We hope you’ll find them as helpful as we have!

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Book Cover - Engaging Troubling Students by Scot Danforth & Terry Jo Smith

Engaging Troubling Students by Scot Danforth & Terry Jo Smith

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Engaging Troubling Students offers instructional and student support practices grounded in critical constructivism. Critical constructivism means engaging problematic students in the learning process and building strong relationships with them. These interactions and relationships can have a profound impact on their emotional well-being and learning. Danforth and Smith draw from many academic fields to build this...
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Book Cover - The Dream Keepers

The Dream Keepers by Gloria Ladson-Billings

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Gloria Ladson-Billings manages to exemplify culturally responsive teaching through her narrative descriptions of the classrooms and practices of the teachers who make it happen. The book is beautiful to read and carries the depth of what culturally responsive teaching can be. Questions and themes to consider while you read: What similarities and differences do you...
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