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Push your practice further. These are resources to support your enactment of inclusive practices.

Resources can be sorted by practices that describe approaches that can contribute to creating an inclusive educational environment. We also provide recommended readings on topics related to inclusive classrooms. Most importantly, we publish the work of New York City teachers who enacted inclusive practices in their classrooms.

These resources are created by and for educators moving towards inclusive education.

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Indirect Services

One of the most powerful services on the New York State special education services continuum is that of consulting teacher who provides indirect services. The New York City Department of Education applied for an innovative waiver (to New York State Department of Education) and combines resource room and a consulting teacher into one service delivery...
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Peer Support

“Hey Johnny, can you help me figure out number four?” It’s a simple question. One student turns to the student next to him, his classmate, his friend, his peer, and asks for a bit of help. It's a natural instinct to ask for assistance from or bounce ideas off of our peers. Yet, in some...
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Positive Behavior Supports

When student behavior interferes with their own learning or the learning of others, teachers need to take a proactive stance to design classroom instruction so that everyone can learn safely and productively. Rather than leaping to the conclusion that a particular child should be excluded from the classroom--or doesn’t belong because of her behavior--taking on...
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The Multimodal Independent Reading Toolkit

I have always loved experimenting with new forms of technology. I am not a "first adopter" of brand new technology, but I have definitely considered myself a "fairly early adopter." When my principal asked if I wanted to attend the Inquiry to Action professional development at Teachers College, I jumped at the chance to participate...
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Laptop Keyboard

Assistive Technology to Build Literacy

The Journey from Techno-Phobe to (Almost) Techno-Literate My Technological Walkabout This comic is a highly abbreviated interpretation of my love-hate affair with technology, meant to highlight my snobbery and fears. I realize that by putting those emotions aside, I have become a better educator. The pink unicorn is a composite representation of my students.