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Push your practice further. These are resources to support your enactment of inclusive practices.

Resources can be sorted by practices that describe approaches that can contribute to creating an inclusive educational environment. We also provide recommended readings on topics related to inclusive classrooms. Most importantly, we publish the work of New York City teachers who enacted inclusive practices in their classrooms.

These resources are created by and for educators moving towards inclusive education.

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Book Cover - Multimodality Literacy by Carey Jewitt & Gunther Kress

Multimodality Literacy by Carey Jewitt & Gunther Kress

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Multimodal Literacy challenges dominant ideas around language, learning, and representation. Using a rich variety of examples, it shows the range of representational and communicational modes involved in learning through image, animated movement, writing, speech, gesture, or gaze. The effect of these modes on learning is explored in different sites including formal learning across the curriculum...
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Book Cover - Engaging Troubling Students by Scot Danforth & Terry Jo Smith

Engaging Troubling Students by Scot Danforth & Terry Jo Smith

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Engaging Troubling Students offers instructional and student support practices grounded in critical constructivism. Critical constructivism means engaging problematic students in the learning process and building strong relationships with them. These interactions and relationships can have a profound impact on their emotional well-being and learning. Danforth and Smith draw from many academic fields to build this...
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