The Inclusive Classroom Project directors and staff are available for keynote talks, interactive workshops, and working sessions with school employees and district leaders.

We offer presentations that give conceptual foregrounding and rich case studies on inclusive education. We can engage your staff in broad conversations about shifting mindsets so difference is centered and “normalcy” disrupted at your school. Our staff can give keynotes on the history of special education and its long, complicated relationship to race and segregation. We also have issue-driven talks on current topics like education reform, standardized testing, and teacher activism. Finally, we get into the nitty-gritty of creating environments to include all students, detailing actionable steps to getting out of the “special education” box.

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Case Study


In the above video, Celia Oyler, co-director of TCICP and professor of inclusive education at Teachers College, Columbia University, gives a brief framing of the concept “critical inclusivity.” Critical inclusivity is an integral part of how the Inclusive Classrooms Projects engages in its work. Dr. Oyler is the author of Learning to Teach Inclusively: Student Teachers Classroom Inquiries; Actions Speak Louder than Words: Social Action as Curriculum; and Making Room for Students: Sharing Teacher Authority in Room 104.

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