The Inclusive Classrooms Project offers in-depth institutes and one to three-day workshops for school leaders and teachers initiating or deepening their work with inclusive practices.

Our institutes and workshops cover topics like coaching, positive behavior supports, and co-planning and collaboration. Overall, we take a capacity stance to students, their families, and their communities. Our staff offers relational approaches to topics like  “behavior management,” knowing that people do best when there is mutual respect and trust. We also provide support for co-planning and co-teaching, supporting school personnel working collaboratively in order to fully share the varying knowledge and expertise of the staff.

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Case Study

Staff member Angel Acosta led a workshop on restorative and healing pedagogies to support educators dealing with the stresses of teaching. Creating and sustaining inclusive practices for students who display all kinds of differences is powerful. However, such work can be emotionally and physically taxing to the individuals creating opportunities for access and participation. Given this challenge, Angel offered some strategies for educators to engage in self- and collective care.

To deal with burnout, Angel knows teachers need more than what professional development typically offers: They need support with managing the emotional labor of creating healthy and positive learning environments.

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